Wondering what size skateboard to purchase? Look no further. We're here to help you find the best size and shape for your requirements as well as riding style. If you have any additional questions not answered here, feel free to contact us anytime and we'll gladly help. 

Skateboard measurements and, specifications?

Complete Skateboards are a great way to get a great quality full setup that's ready to ride straight out of the box.
Having said that, there are various different parts of the skateboard that need to be taken into account when thinking about the right size. They are as follows:
Deck Width: The deck is the part of skateboard that your feet stand on. It is the heart and soul of the board and needs to be a good fit for your feet so that your child is comfortable and safe while using their skateboard.
Deck Length: How long your deck is, is dependent on your height as well. Smaller children need a shorter deck, so there is less board that they have to manage and control.
Wheelbase: The wheelbase measurement on a skateboard is the distance between the wheels. This is quite standard across the boards and will adapt as per what size the deck is.

Standard skateboard size chart?

Below is a size chart which correlates both child and, adult ages height with what size skateboard is appropriate for the individual needs. 

What skateboard size

Age 0 to 5 years toddler to child years:

If you have a budding skateboard enthusiast as young as one or three, then you may be scratching your head as to how to nurture this enthusiasm in a safe and practical way check out our under 5 skateboard classes.

The recommended measurements for safe riding are as follows:

Deck Width: 7.5”
Deck Length: around 29”
Child Height: Less than 109.2 cm
Shoe Size: Size Three and below

Age 5 to 9 The Child Years:

This is when having and using a skateboard becomes a bit more practical and safer. The age range is now between 5 to 9 years when a child has more developed motor skills, and balance skills as well.

The recommended measurements for safe riding are as follows:

Deck Width: 7.75”
Deck Length: Around 30”
Child Height: Between109.2-133.3cm
Shoe Size: Size Three to eight 

Age 9 to 16 The Pre-teen Years:

This is around the age just before the ever delightful puberty hits. Yep, 9 to,16 years. By this age, your child may have a bit more experience with skateboarding, especially if they have been experimenting with boards since a young age.

The recommended measurements for safe riding are as follows:

Deck Width: 8” +
Deck Length: 30” +
Child Height: Between 133.3-173.4cm
Shoe Size: Size 8 to 11.5.

Age 16+ adults:

By the time you are above the age of 16 your skills and hobbies will be well under your wing. If skateboarding is one of them, you're in adult-sized boards territory!
Deck Width: 8.25”-8.5” +
Deck Length: 31+
Height: 173.4 cm plus
Foot Size: 11.5 plus
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