Established with the mission to advance skateboarding, Dubai Skateboard School stands as one of the premier training hubs in Dubai, catering to athletes of all skill levels and introducing newcomers to the thrills of recreational sports. From seasonal camps and weekend activities to specialized programs and competitions, our offerings span skateboarding, BMX, roller skating, scootering, parkour, and introductory action sports instruction. Participants directly benefit from the invaluable lessons skateboarding imparts.

Qualities of Effective Trainers: Headed by the seasoned coach Moe, a professional skateboarder with a global presence, our team is committed to nurturing talent and accessibility within the skateboarding community since our inception.

What We Do: Our dedicated instructors possess a deep understanding of children, coupled with a passion for skateboarding and ample patience, fostering a relaxed environment conducive to active learning for both kids and adults.

Provoke a Movement: For over 15 years, we've been enriching the community through skateboarding education, aiming to empower and inspire the next generation of athletes while fostering a positive cultural shift.

World-Class Facilities: Operating within state-of-the-art facilities, we prioritize progression, safety, and enjoyment. Our skate parks are among the finest in the emirates, providing an optimal training environment.

Dubai Skateboard School: We Live This.