Flip Skateboards is embarking on a journey to create limited runs of our most treasured and collectible Flip screen printed deck graphics from Flips’ earliest days in the USA in the 1990’s. Planning for these decks has been in the works for years (literally) but we have finally secured a limited supply of Genuine Original Prime Blanks, cut to Flips’ exact old templates in the original flat and mellow mold.


The first of these decks is the ultra rare Tom Penny’s Beatnik “Rudy” deck in Flip’s original template shapes. This is the deck ridden by Tom during his notorious San Diego chain session and was originally made in very low numbers.


Original art film, hand-cut ruby’s, and the original print sheet with accurate Pantone numbers has enabled us to make and screen print these decks as genuine continuation boards; not re-issues.


As with the original print run, there will be two variations; one with light blue flood color background and the other with a wood stain background. A piece of history, available again for a limited time.

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